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Buy the original Bataillon Belette tights online at! We have tights in the colours blue, black, tanned and light. Our blue tights - also called BEL 40 Aviation Blue - is perfect to add a bit of colour to your legs and is ideal to combine with other colourful clothing. We have designed the DEN 40 pantyhose to fit aviation staff such as flight attentendants. Our BEL 40 black are black tights for spring til fall. They can also be worn on a cold summerday or summernight. For occassions where the weather seems to cold for a skirt, you might still want to try our BEL 80 Black. BEL 80 Black is our line of tights that provides you with less tranparency, meaning that your legs do not show as much as with our BEL-40 range. Denier 40 is not really suited for the winter, whereas DEN 80 is.

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Our tights in two skin tones, namely tanned and light, which are both are perfect if you want to wear tights but don't want it to look so obvious. Skin toned tights are also called 'nudes' since at first glance it seems that you are not wearing tights at all. BEL 40 Light is a DEN 40 pantyhose which is made to fit perfectly for people with a fairer shade of skin. For more tanned skin types, you may want to look at our BEL 40 Tanned. These tights can also be used to make your legs appear more tanned, although this comes at the risk of your legs looking more brown than the rest of your body, which they normally aren't. Your tights should fit naturally, so we suggest you'd take the appropriate skin toned tights or switch to the colours black or blue. We hope that you may find what you are looking for in our online shop. Have fun browsing!

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