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Looking for the perfect pair of tights in Hesse? Bataillon Belette is based in the beautiful Main metropolis of Frankfurt, but no matter whether Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Kassel, Darmstadt or Offenbach am Main, we will deliver your tights conveniently to your home.

Also available in Kassel, Darmstadt and Offenbach am Main

The Belette battalion passed its first endurance test in the Vox founder show 'The Lions' Den'. She withstood the attack with the wire brush. The tights simply cannot be broken and are therefore sustainable, practical and, at 25 euros, also good value for money. The waistband does not constrict the waist, but sits comfortably on the hips, and the label is sewn on the outside as a precaution to avoid the typical scratching on the skin.

So order your Bataillon Belette tights online in our shop now and enjoy the unique style and comfort!