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Buy tights for fall

The season of autumn is slowly arriving in our latitudes. The summer was still so hot, now it's coming back again, the wet weather, wafts of fog and cooler temperatures. If you still don't want to miss out on feminine clothing, you need sheer tights or pantyhose. Far too often it is the running stitches that spoil our enjoyment of tights:

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  • Pia and Dan Buck were able to convince the jury on the TV show "The Lion's Den" with their innovative ideas for modern tights.
  • Bataillon Belettte are robust tights that are guaranteed to last the day without a ladder.
  • The most popular colors found at Bataillon are black/light/beige. These colors can be wonderfully combined, because pretty much the entire wardrobe of a wardrobe goes with Black / Light / Tanned.
  • They are available in 40 den and 80 den standards.

These are sheer tights that cost 25 euros and do what they promise and look great on the legs.

Stockings from Battalion Belette

Our stockings from Bataillon Belette are made for modern women who are out there in the working world, who like to go out, and who simply want to be chic and well-groomed without always having to worry about running stitches.

Anti-ladder: tights from Bataillon Belette

Of course, the items were made by Bataillon Belette, which of course prove that it is not completely indestructible, but is endowed with strong resistance. While other tights show runs straight away, these innovative tights can withstand a lot of wear and tear quite well.

Bataillon Belette tights: comfortable, beautiful basic design and anti-run stitches

Not only was it designed by two designers to combat the annoying running stitches, but it also proves to be very comfortable to wear. It was important to the designers to incorporate the needs of women today. To be honest, these tights look very good on their own. The two designers understood their craft well and conquered a market niche with this product,

Our tights are important, for the designers they were not an unnecessary accessory, but a main component as an independent object in fashion. Tights whose look and comfort harmonize are the right companions for all occasions. Bataillon Belette not only looks stunningly trendy and is considered a must-have in many wardrobes, it is a lifestyle product with a practical use. Bataillon Belette doesn't slip, sits well and makes the wearer happy with the knowledge that they are properly dressed. Pia and Dan Buck have managed to combine the benefits with the aesthetics.

Tights without shipping costs from €50,-

We want as many women as possible to enjoy these great tights and offer great offers so that shipping is free as soon as 2 tights are ordered.

With the Bataillon Belette tights on your legs, autumn can come and with it winter, because your legs are doing great with these tights. We are pleased to finally be able to provide women with tights that are high quality, robust material and extremely comfortable to wear. All of this at a top price. With the tights from Bataillon Belette, autumn and winter can come.

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With the tights from Bataillon Belette, autumn and winter can come.