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A clever gift idea: tights from Bataillon Belette

Tights that even lions are convinced of: The start-up label Bataillon Belette has managed to make tights modern and sexy, making them an individual and ideal gift idea. Tights as a gift? Oh yeah! Because: Bataillon Belette produces high-quality tights that women can enjoy for a long time. Many people will be familiar with the products by designers Pia and Dan Buck from the popular show “The Lions’ Den”. There, the entrepreneurs impressed with a quality product that closes an important gap in the market. The highlight of Bataillon Belette is that the stockings are so robust that quick runs are a thing of the past. In recent years, tights have increasingly become disposable products. After wearing them once, discount products are usually so riddled with running stitches that you can't even think about wearing them multiple times. Bataillon Belette is determined to counteract this negative trend. The high-quality stockings are also perfect as a gift because they offer the perfect price/performance ratio! Why not give a loved one extraordinary joy? Whether for a birthday, Christmas, New Year or Easter: visually appealing, robust stockings are beautiful, individual and feminine gifts that people with a sense of style will be very happy about.

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Why not give tights as a gift on Valentine's Day or your wedding anniversary?

The trademark of the trend label is a small, delicate heart, which is sewn onto the fabric on the left thigh. This attention to detail can be found again and again at Bataillon Belette. So why not give away the start-up's sophisticated stockings on a day of love? Sensual, feminine stumps make particularly good presents on Valentine's Day, an engagement or a wedding. Or: The bachelorette party is coming up and you don't feel like bringing funny, embarrassing souvenirs?

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At Bataillon Belette you will find gifts with style and class! This is clearly the better choice! If you go around the houses in the evening as a clique, short dresses are of course a must. This look is not only rounded off with beautiful stockings, but also looks much more stylish! It's been a while since you met and you want to give some unique and practical attention? Bataillon Belette is also ideal for a wedding anniversary. Giving away a quality product like this shows a loving and thoughtful gesture. You show that you are able to appreciate a person's style and elegance and also that they are worth giving you as a gift of strong quality - not just anything. By the way: It doesn't always have to be your girlfriend or partner: mothers and grandmothers are also happy about this carefully selected surprise on Mother's Day, for example. Your mother likes to wear skirts and dresses? Perfect! Show her how well you know her and that you appreciate robust, good quality with modern design!

Buy a gift: Ladder proof tights

The stockings from Bataillon Belette have a reinforced panty section with a sewn-in gusset, which highlights and shapes the buttocks and thighs. At the same time, the makers also ensure a secure fit. No more embarrassing fidgeting under the dress! Once put on, the tights fit securely and stay where they should be all day long. A flat, well-made comfort seam ensures that the wearer can look forward to a lot of comfort when wearing it. In addition, there are no ugly seams visible under tight dresses and skirts or on the skin.

Finally tights that make you feel good

Bataillon Belette means feeling good! Finally stockings that we like to wear every day and that last a long, long time! By the way: The products are available in black, light and beige. Depending on the occasion and taste, you can choose whether you would rather give the gift of elegant black or a piece that is in skin color and can be worn during the day. By the way, you get free shipping for orders of two or more stockings! A gift for your best friend and one for you? Bataillon Belette not only focuses on innovative features, quality, style and comfort, but also on high customer satisfaction. Trust in the lions' sharp eyes and rely on state-of-the-art quality products! The judges were also more than enthusiastic about it! These wonderful pieces make excellent gifts! Just that certain extra, for women with that certain extra.

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