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The lion's den starts again

Since we from “Bataillon Belette” were there in the third season and were able to secure a deal with our favorite lion Ralf Dümmel with our robust tights, we of course always follow the show with a personal interest.

Our problem solver: innovative and longer-lasting tights

Who doesn't know this problem? The tights don't fit well, or they slip and in no time have a running stitch. The two designers Pia and Dan Buck from Bataillon Belette have finally found a solution for this.

The label was founded out of the need to finally find a sustainable solution to an everyday problem. During the 2-year development phase, the idea of ​​sustainable tights was refined until the quality of the usual tights available in stores was exceeded. The Bataillon Belette is not only very robust, but also comfortable and modern in its fit.

The comparatively complicated company name Bataillon Belette translates as 'doll troop' and is intended to declare war on our short-lived throwaway society and its products. The longevity of the Bataillon Belette saves resources and therefore produces less waste. The product has therefore fully arrived in our environmentally conscious consumer society and plays an important role there.

Endurance test in the Vox show

The Belette battalion has already passed its first endurance test in the Vox show 'The Lions' Den'. She withstood the attack with the wire brush. Since then, sales have increased 100-fold. The tights simply cannot be broken and are therefore sustainable, practical and, at 25 euros, also good value for money. The waistband does not constrict the waist, but sits comfortably on the hips, and the label is sewn on the outside as a precaution to avoid the typical scratching on the skin.

Makeup skin tones and uniform blue

The product has also developed further. The tights, which are only available in black for the first time, are now also available in two make-up skin tones and the uniform blue of Germany's largest airline. In addition, the range has broadened.

The products are currently manufactured in Italy with great attention to detail. The designers and managing directors Pia and Dan Buck always see this for themselves on site. There is a surprising amount of manual work behind the production of the Bataillon Belette. After the legs have been made by a circular knitting machine, the individual parts are sewn together by hand. The company headquarters is in Frankfurt am Main.

The Bataillon Belette is now available in retail stores. It can also be ordered from the comfort of your own home directly from the company's online shop. Shipping is free for purchases of €50 or more. It is available in 40 and 80 deniers. Sizes range from 32 - 48 and the color range includes "Black", "Light Skin", "Tanned Skin" and "Aviation Blue". The hidden trademark is the little heart embroidered on the inside of the thigh.