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Bataillon Belette Manufacturer's Warranty - One Year!

Warranty conditions

We offer a one-year manufacturer's guarantee on all Bataillon Belette products from the date of purchase. If your tights or other BB items show damage that affects your wearing experience despite normal use and following the care instructions, you can make a claim under the guarantee. Only replacement items are provided under this guarantee; a refund of the purchase price is excluded. In the event of damage, we will replace the product with tights of the same model and color. If the same model is not available, we will offer you a similar model in the next closest color.

Please note that free items and heavily discounted items (e.g. as part of promotions) with a discount of over 20% are excluded from this voluntary guarantee. Goods that have already been complained about are also excluded from further claims. The guarantee period is not extended by the replacement. This guarantee only applies to first-time buyers who purchase their products directly from our website. , since

What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover?

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Damage that occurs despite normal use
  • Shipping costs for replacement delivery (within Germany)

What is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

  • Minimal damage that does not affect wearing (e.g. small pulling threads, slight color variations, minimal fabric unevenness)
  • Negligent damage and misuse
  • Failure to follow care instructions
  • Free items

How do I report a warranty claim?